Léo Mattéï S06

S06E05E06 : “The Downside” (TF1, 2×52′)
Leader of prime-time audiences with 5.3 million viewers.

Cassandre S03

S03E02 : « Sans condition » (France 3, 93′)
4,8 millions viewers.

Léo Mattéï S06

S06E03 : “Au Bout du Fil” (TF1, 52′). Leader of prime-time audiences with 5,2 millions viewers.

Cassandre S02

S02E01: “Backfire” (FR3, 90 min.)
Winner, Best Scripted Series, Cognac Film Festival.
Rating: 4,6 Million viewers.

The Rally

8 x 1 h mini-series, in development (Adrenaline Productions). Crowdfunding/financing trailer.

Research Unit S10

S10E06: “Stag Party” (TF1, 1 hour)
Prime-time audience leader with a rating of over 7 Millons viewers.

Jack of Diamonds

Pilot episode (Showcase, 90 min.)
This French-german-canadian coproduction was broadcast on France 2, Showcase and ZDF. It was nominated at the 26th Gemini Awards.

R.I.S. S04

S04E01 : “The Naked Skin” (TF1, 52′)
Prime time audience leader with a rating of over 6,9M viewers.

Women of Law S08

Season 8, Episodes 01 to E04 (Tf1, 4x1h)
Opening with “Passager clandestin” prime time audience leader with a rating of over 6 Million viewers.

Women of Law S07

S07, Episodes 01 to 04 (Tf1, 4x1h)
Opening with “La Fille de l’Air”, prime time audience leader with a rating of 7,85 Millons viewers.

R.I.S. S01

Season, Episodes 07 and 08 (TF1, 2x1h)
This season 1 broadcast on TF1 scored record-highest ratings with over 11 Millon viewers in prime-time.

Sauveur Giordano

S05, E03: “The Trap” (TF1, 90′)
Audience leader, “Le Piège” gathered 9,19M viewers, the series’s best rating since its first airing.

Commissioner Moulin S08

S0801 “The Worst Nightmare” (TF1, 90′)
Leader of the tv audience with 8,6 Millon viewers on TF1, best prime-time rating of the season.


Summer Soap 4×45′, tv audience of 1,4 Million viewers on France 2. Replay in 2015.

Saint Tropez

Seasons 04 to 07 (TF1, 12×52′)
Aired in 135 countries as “Saint-Tropez”, this series is one of the most popular French TV shows in the world.


(TF1, 4×52′). An action adventure Youth TV series shot in French Polynesia.