Women of law

Saison 7

This season of Women of law introduces at the same time a new format 52 ‘ and a new heroine, Lieutenant Elena Cortes (Aylin Prandi), a hothead of the field unit brigade who is going to have to become an allied to by-the-book deputy public prosecutor Elizabeth Brochène (Natacha Amal).

Alizés Films
Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR)

TV Serie

Direction Season 7, 4 Episodes 52’


Created by
Benoît Valère

Natacha Amal
Aylin Prandi

In 2006, the once successful show faced a 7th season with its lowest ratings and needed a fresh take. I was brought aboard  to modernize the series.

I introduced a new format, following the wave of 90 minutes shows being converted in 1 hour shows, in the wake of the hugely successful R.I.S. SCIENTIFIC POLICE that I initiated the previous year for TF1, and cast a new, younger female cop.

This pilot “The Girl of the Air” of the new “series formula” contains spectacular action scenes. With a new actress, a  new format and a new creative team at the helm, the show was a major hit and the series was renewed for 3 more seasons.