Sauveur Giordano

Sauveur Giordano (Pierre Arditi), a former police officer of the Juvenile Unit, has converted into a private detective employed by a mutual aid association for victims. Giordano is a maverick whose motto is: the triumph of justice over injustice: but if his motto is simple, his struggle is complex and constantly repeated. He investigates this time an attack of an armoured van.

DEMD Productions

TV Serie

Direction “Le Piège” 90′


Kristel Mudry
Sébastien Vitoux

Pierre Arditi
Julie Bataille
Elizabeth Bourgine

Sauveur Giordano is a television series aired on TF1 in France and TSR in Switzerland, currently broadcasted on Club Series and Live 8 cable channels all over Europe.

“Le Piège” gathered 9,19 millions spectators on TF1 with an audience share of 36,4%, the best audience of the serie Sauveur Giordano since 2003.