Jack of Diamonds

A young tennis pro (John Bregar) teaching at an exclusive Country Club in the Hamptons crosses paths with a jewel thief (Jean-Yves Berteloot) and fate determines their future together.

Gaumont, France 2, ZDF
Muse Entertainment Enterprises

TV Film

Direction Pilot Episode


Peter Hume

Jean-Yves Berteloot
John Bregar
Charlotte Legault

Jack of Diamonds was shot in Canada, in English, with American, Canadian, British and French actors. This international coproduction was created by Los Angeles based showrunner Peter Hume, and produced by Muse Entertainment in Montreal, Gaumont in France and ZDF in Germany.

It was aired in Canada on Showcase, in France on France Television and in Germany on ZDF.


Peter Hume’s script was nominated at the 2011 Gemini Awards (Canadian “Emmy Awards”) for Best Screenplay in a Television Series. Jack of Diamonds was also nominated at the  ACTRA Awards 2013.

A quality international production, which reserves an excellent role to Jean-Yves Berteloot.

From this unlikely encounter between two beings that everything opposes is born an irresistible duet. We are won over by the story, both funny and sensitive, by the acting, remarkable, by the characters carrying beautiful promises. Not to miss !

Télé 7 Jours

I loved it! The promo had me looking out for it on Showcase and when I caught it over the weekend I was pleasantly surprised at the high grade production value and the stellar acting of the principal characters. The premise while done was given a new spin which made it exciting. I am looking forward to many more episodes and a run of many years.

Showcase viewer review

Arsène Lupin makes emulators ... International co-production with visibly important means, this police comedy aims to blow up the bank with a charming bandit inspired by Cary Grant in ``To Catch a Thief`` or Georges Clooney in ``Ocean's Eleven``. In this role, Jean-Yves Berteloot does the job without showing off.


An inspired creation, very attractive.

Télé Câble-Satellite

This pilot of an international series is very pleasant and the duo Berteloot / Bregar works perfectly.

Télé Loisirs

I Loved this show. I thought it was going in one direction and then had a wonderful twist. I loved the characters, the music, the location and scenery!!!! Can’t wait to see more of this show. My son was asking me when the next one is on. Hopefully this will be soon.

Showcase viewer review

This was one of the best new series I’ve seen. I too have been waiting for more of the series but only this premier keeps showing. My extended family loved it too and we are really looking forward to the whole series so please Showcase bring it on…..we’re waiting !!

Showcase viewer review