Action/War thriller set in Afghanistan

Coups d’Etat Films

Feature Film
in development

Crowdfunding Trailer


Eric Matheny, Jason Regensburg

Brent Emery, David L. Ryan

WATERSHED is a feature film project produced by COUP D’ÉTAT FILMS, independant producers of the Sundance hits  THE STANDFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT and THE ROAD WITHIN.  This trailer was shot for a crowdfunding campaign. It assembles excerpts from similar films, interviews of the creative team and archive footage from the Afghan wars.


Paris Express

Sam the courier (Michaël Youn) is a man on a mission. On his scooter, he breaks every rules to make good on the “express delivery” promise of the courier service he works for. But today, his fiancée Nadia (Géraldine Nakache), will turn on him if he doesn’t show up at her sister’s wedding. Trouble is, Sam has one more delivery to make – and his day has just gone from bad to worse…

M6 Films
Black Mask Productions

Film Cinema

Direction Feature film 1:30


Hervé Renoh
Collaboration Romain Levy

Michaël Youn
Géraldine Nakache
Jimmy Jean-Louis

Paris-Express (COURSIER) was produced by EUROPACORP, Luc Besson‘s production studio, producers of the worldwide hits TAXI, TAKEN and the TRANSPORTER franchise. Released in France in 2010, it is now available internationally in DVD and Blu-Ray. It has also been a theatrical success in 35 foreign countries, including China – where it reached N°6 at the box-office in June 2011, just behind “Kung-Fu Panda 2”.

Well paced, the film rush at 65mph. We do not get bored on the way. Michaël Youn, well supervised by Hervé Renoh, proves to be amazing.

Le Figaroscope

But COURSIER does not relies only on his performance. In the role of his girlfriend, Geraldine Nakache has more than one string to her bow well bent. Didier Flamand plays Sam's father with finesse. As for Jimmy Jean-Louis, he is perfect, americanized, dressed in the smart suit of the bad guy. A clever comedy, fast and unpretentious. After all, it's not so common ...

Le Figaro

Everything makes you want to see Youn in a role free of wacky obligations ...


An explosive action comedy! Even the exuberant Michaël Youn does not get over it (...) Throughout the film, actions, waterfalls, adventure follow one another, for a good dose of humor and lots of twists ...

Le Progrès

An hectic and crazy comedy tasting the pure cinema entertainment dear to the public, in the style of Philippe De Broca or Gérard Oury.


With a fine casting and situations playing honestly about everyday life in front of an immoderate mafia, COURSIER holds its sympathetic comical ambitions.


``Une comédie d'action au rythme trépidant!``

Le Monde des Ados

Youn displays a very welcome surprising sobriety in this spirited comedy that also owes a lot to his merrily wacky supporting cast.

COURSIER drives us skilfully from spectacular pursuits to comic situations (...) Michaël Youn finds one of its most convincing roles with this comedy of action led foot to the floor in the streets of Paris.

Le Parisien



During a violent heist in the house of a jeweler, one of the members of the gang rapes the housewife. Christian (Patrick Dell’Isola), one of the gangsters, protests. Thirteen years later, Christian is converted in a monk after putting the other criminals in jail for a life sentence. But one night, his former accomplices escape from prison. They find the monastery, trespass the gate, and capture Christian and the monks…

Fidélité Productions
Mars Films
Film Office

Film Cinema

Direction Feature film 1:38


Hervé Renoh

Patrick Dell’Isola
Moussa Maaskri
Julie-Anne Roth

Action thriller, Requiem was shot in 29 days and cost less than 1 million dollars in spite of numerous sets and heavy action scenes. Released theatrically in France, Italy and Spain, the film then went to become a cult classic in the DVD format, distributed over more than 25 countries.

Official Selection Sitges Film Festival 2002
Official Selection Fantastica Film Festival Brussels

Mankind is at the center of this spellbinding work, this baroque tragedy where fate, revenge and remorse intertwine. Admirably filmed and staged, REQUIEM also knows how to rely on sumptuous sets and mystical music (...)

L'Ecran Fantastique

No doubt, with REQUIEM, Hervé Renoh enters through the front door in the 7th art: he masters his subject and plays perfectly with the nerves of the audience thanks to technical elements used wisely. A dantesque performance brilliantly performed, camera on the shoulder (...) The casting is perfect and the actors excel in their respective roles. As for photography, it heckles the audience from end to end. Nothing is left to chance in this diabolical thriller that will leave no one indifferent.

Le Quotidien du Cinéma

REQUIEM sparks a suspense worthy of Usual Suspect, interspersed by sequences filled with dark humor (...) The story cleverly shines the revelations and keeps the public in suspense until the last moment.

A voir-A lire

Mystical and violent, REQUIEM undeniably conveys a universe specific to its director. The penultimate film in the French Bee Movies series devoted to genre films (...) REQUIEM is a thrilling work, with no downtime and no concessions.

Mad Movies

Bloody hostage taking, calls to reason and redemption of the soul mix in a purifying violence as rarely seen in French crime fiction. Supported by effusive actors with hallucinated craggy faces, REQUIEM is the real punch of this summer.

Rock & Folk

REQUIEM, with a dark and elaborate form, is an action movie that can seduce as much the film-lover who does not look for anything else as the one who asks the cinema to have a meaning (...)

La Provence

Casting impeccable, sens du rythme et de l’émotion... REQUIEM a tout pour divertir un public averti.

Zone Fantastique


The Enemy

Somewhere, in some unnamed country, a civil war rages on, leaving only destruction. A small commando falls into an ambush set up by a deadly sniper. The leader (Denis Lavant) watches as his men fall one by one. But who is the enemy?

Baal Films

Film Cinema

Direction Short film 13 min


Hervé Renoh

Denis Lavant
Marc Duret
Maureen Harrison
Olivier Rabourdin

The Enemy (L’Ennemi) is the last short film I directed before moving on to feature, commercials and television movies. I wrote, directed and produced this homage to classic war films.

Selected in more than 60 festivals across the world, my ultimate short was my passport to feature and television directing, and was rewarded in Clermont-Ferrand (Youth Jury Prize), Venezia (Best Direction), Oslo (Best Film), Athens (Best Direction), Edimbourg (Grand Jury Prize, Best Film), New York (Best Photography), Valladolid, Tokyo, Djakarta, Larissa

Hervé Renoh's film is one of those emerging from every programs visible these days in Clermont-Ferrand. These exhausted ``warriors`` will fall under the bullets of a mysterious sniper, whose childish character reveals the perversion to which ends any ``civil`` war. Civilization, precisely, here is gone and, with it, one of the main attributes of the human species, language. One expresses oneself only by gestures and borborygms. (...) This sensitivity to language is probably to be found in the life of the young director, who told us that he spent most of his life abroad, from one country to another ... THE ENEMY allows him to be understood across borders. It revives, by the way, with the best lessons of silent movies.