Eliane (Catherine Deneuve) is a wealthy French plantation owner living in Indochina in the 1930’s with her father and adopted native daughter Camille. She has a brief affair with a young officer, John Baptiste (Vincent Perez), but to her dismay discovers Camille has fallen madly in love with him. Eliane is able to arrange to have him transferred and Camille gets married to another man. However, Camille never stops loving Jean- Baptiste and sets out across the country to find him.

Paradis Films
La Générale d’Images

Assistant & 2nd unit of Régis Wargnier


Erik Orsenna
Louis Gardel
Catherine Cohen
Régis Wargnier

Catherine Deneuve
Vincent Perez
Linh Dan Pham

Assistant on the film Indochine and Second Unit Director.


The Lovers on the Bridge

Alex (Denis Lavant), a young homeless, lives under the Pont-Neuf bridge, then closed for repairs, beside an old tramp. But his everyday life is upside down after its meeting with Michèle (Juliette Binoche), a painter discouraged at the idea of losing eyesight. A passionate love is born between these two fragile and restless beings, on the eve of the remembrances of the bicentenary of the French Revolution.

Films A2
Gaumont International
Les Films Christian Fechner

Director Assistant of Leos Carax


Leos Carax

Juliette Binoche
Denis Lavant
Daniel Buain

Assistant of the Director Leos Carax on the movie The Lovers on the Bridge, a memorable experience, Hervé Renoh is then 18 years old.